Artist & Designer 

Mission Statement

I am a visionary artist.i paint beyond what is seen by our physical eyes. 

My art is inspired by things that are felt through our senses but unseen of frequency and vibration (sound). 

It’s also inspired by the seen sacred geometries in nature and the universe through visual representations of symbols, archetypes, color and sacred geometry. 

My intention for my work is to bring harmony and beauty into ones environment by painting visions and representations of what our world is made of. 

I am inspired by two different and great master artists from the past... Salvador Dali and Leonardo daVinci. Both genius minds who imbedded sacred symbols and geometry into their paintings. And Leonardo’s inventive mind creating mechanisms not yet reviled within his timeline. I’m always inventing new ways and mediums to express my creative visions into reality...

opening ones mind to new possibilities and ways of expanding ones mind and spirit. 

© 2019 - Anya Nadal, LLC

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